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Discover Arabic language with our Lebanese native and qualified teachers in Beirut. Learn Arabic online face-to-face with live tutors while discovering Arabic culture.

Course Programs

At BIFTAL we offer you online teaching through our certified online tutors.

Our learning materials cover speaking, reading, listening and writing. When you finish each level you will receive a digital certificate.

Elementary Courses

Arabic 101

After completing this course, you will be able to:
• Identify the Arabic alphabet.
• Pronounce Arabic words.
• Read and write basic Arabic sentences.
• Identify basic Arabic vocabulary.

Arabic 102

After completing this course, you will be able to:
• Learn to read and write the letters of the Arabic alphabet.
• Practise Arabic words with flashcards.
• Learn how to meet and greet people, introduce yourself and others.
• Identify more Arabic vocabulary.

Intermediate Courses

Arabic 201

After completing this course, you will be able to:
• Learn about important topics in Arabic grammar.
• Practise speaking with interactive role plays.
• Practise and consolidate vocabulary for a wide range of topics.

Arabic 202

After completing this course, you will be able to:
• Practise handwriting.
• Glossary of important words and phrases
• Organise and structure your learning time.

Advanced Courses

Advanced Arabic

Prerequesite for this course are intermediate courses.
This level enables students to further strengthen the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing Arabic and to understand key aspects of the Arab world and the Arab culture. Students will acquire a broad range of Arabic vocabulary, learn higher level rules of Arabic grammar, and increase the acquisition of phrases for active use in a wide variety of topics and settings.

Professional Arabic

Prerequesite for this course is advanced Arabic.
This level enables students to write lengthy paragraphs and give oral presentations in class in a way that makes the use of Arabic a natural process. Students at this level have a broader range of vocabulary, more fluency in speaking, and more advanced skills in Arabic than students at the advanced Arabic level. This level is characterized by extensive readings and discussions on a multitude of political, social, cultural, and literary topics.

Conversational Arabic

Prerequesite for this course is professional Arabic.
This level helps students to improve their professional communication in Arabic for successful business interactions. It builds on the writing and conversational skills the students already have in order to take them up to the advanced proficiency level. Whether you want to communicate to potential employers, employees, partners or clients, better Arabic communication can help you achieve your language and professional goals.

Arabic Mother Language

Prerequesite for this course is conversational Arabic.
The course is designed to enable students to attain solid, advanced level proficiency or higher in the various language skills. This level helps advanced-high students refine and practice their listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students learn how to use and extend their advanced vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills more consciously and effectively. Emphasis is on speaking extemporaneously, use of idioms and special expressions, and identifying intent and emotions by recognizing tone, content, and word usage.

General Note

Applies on All Courses

Placement in a specific level is determined by language proficiency. All students, except for complete beginners, take a language assessment prior to the start of the program. The language assessment is not part of the application process. 


  • Tuition covers 1 person to participate in the course. No additional viewers are allowed.
  • Maximum of 4 students per class.
  • Each Course: 12 Lessons.
  • Duration per lesson: 50 minutes.
  • Cost of each Course: US$240.
  • Native and highly qualified teachers of Arabic as a foreign language.

Equipment Requirements

Each course is delivered via Zoom, a web conferencing platform. All materials and course interactions will occur online. In order to participate fully, each participant must have:

  • His own computer (tablets and mobile phones do not allow full engagement).
  • Reliable high-speed internet access (minimum 3 Mbps upload/download speed).
  • Microphone and speakers (built-in, headset or from webcam).