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Make yourself more competitive by improving your Arabic language. Choose between elementary to advanced level. Build fluency with native speakers.


Arabic is the fourth most spoken language in the world. About 325 million people in 58 countries speak the Arabic as their first language.

Learning Arabic will make you stand out, as there are very few people from the West that speak Arabic. Having command of Arabic will make you appear clever and sophisticated.

You’ll be able to benefit economically. Natural resources abound in the Middle East and speaking Arabic will open many job positions for you.

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Hope we can answer all your questions. For any more details, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’ll take you from learning a language to living a language. Enjoy small group classes, 2-4 students so you can practice speaking and get feedback. Learn from the best, qualified native speaking teachers leading your class. And aligned Arabic courses catering for all learning levels, from elementary to advanced.

Given our scale, we accredit our own courses backed up by a professional native speaking team of teaching experts. Our standards are universal and worldwide, and hence we do not seek to attain national accreditation in any one particular country or jurisdiction. 

Our courses are delivered via Zoom, a web conferencing platform. Once registered in a certain course, you will receive a link that allows you to participate in that course, to ensure that only registered students are able to join the virtual classroom. Follow the time grid and login to your classroom.

Except for the Arabic 101, our course description indicates that you need a prerequisite to be completed prior to registering for the desired course.

You cannot register for a prerequisite course at the same time as the course requiring the prerequisite.

At BIFTAL, we use Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which is used and understood in all Arab countries. But as the Lebanese dialect is considered “the sexiest-sounding Arabic in the region,” and all our tutors are Lebanese, so we emphasize on the Lebanese dialect.

At present, no. Please consult your school, university or company if you wish to be funded. We offer discounts to groups of learners.

Yes, absolutely. We can provide customized courses for corporate use. Let us know what you require and we will be more than happy to discuss the options available.